Alto Guitars

Alto Guitars

11-String Guitar

The 11-string alto guitar was developed by the Swedish guitar-maker George Bolin, in the 1960´s.

The alto guitar makes it possible to play lute music on the guitar and with guitar playing technique.

The tuning is g d a f c G F Eb D C B.

Strings used for alto guitars are classical guitar stings and basses are E6 strings.

The scale is different from the classical guitar. Is shorter on the treble side but longer on the bass side. 570-580mm on the treble side and 760-780mm on the bass side.

13-String Guitar

I make 13-string guitar model. The construction is similar to the alto guitar.

The tuning on the 13-string guitar is f d a f d a G F E D C H A.

The scale is 590mm on the treble side.

Wood and Finish

These guitars are constructed with rosewood back and sides.

I prefer to work with east Indian rosewood but Madagascar rosewood, pau ferro, paduk, mapel  etc, are good choices to. Spruce from Europe are used for the tops.

The neck is made from mahogany from south America or Afrika.  Fingerboard are made from ebony.

I prefer to use Rubner tuners from Germany on my alto guitars.

All my guitars are french polished with shellack or polyuretan lacquer.




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