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11-string altoguitar    2021.    Ceder   soundboard.  East Indian rosewood  back and sides. Price 4200 Euro. 

11-string altoguitar     2021 .  Spruce soundboard . Madagascar rosewood back and sides.  Price 4200 Euro. 

Classical guitar no 400. 2021. Spruce top. Madagascar rosewood back and sides. Traditional construction. 4200 Euro 




Heikki Rousu has been a guitar maker since 1990. More then 300 guitars has left his workshop
since then. He has build classical guitars, alto guitars, 8- and 10-stringed guitars, lutes and steel
string guitars.

The musical instrument are constructed in a small workshop in northen Sweden.
All the instrument are custom made for the musician, every instrument is unique.

If you have any questions, feel free to give me a call or send me a e-mail.
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Heikki Rousu

Sand 213
881 19 Sollefteå
(+)46 705 94 95 87