Order & Pricing

11-string alto guitar                            4200 Euro
13-string guitar                                   4200 Euro
10-string guitar                                   4000 Euro
8-string guitar                                     4000 Euro
7-string guitar                                     4000 Euro
Bass guitar                                           4000 Euro
Classical guitar                                    4000 Euro
Steel string guitar                               4000 Euro
Renaissance lute                                 4000 Euro
Lute Guitar 4300 Euro
Swan neck guitar 10-13 strings        4200 Euro

Other instruments on request


All the prices include east Indian rosewood. Schaller grand tuners.
If you have any other choices please contact me for price information.
For a Nomex double top guitar add +300 Euro
When you order you pay a deposit fee of 10% of the total price. Before delivery you pay the total amount.

My alto guitars are played in Sweden, Scandinavia, United kingdom, France, Germany, Canada and Japan. Please contact me if you would like to arrange a meeting with a guitarist and to be given a chance to play my alto guitar.