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Guitarmaker Heikki Rousu

Alto guitars made by guitar maker Heikki Rousu, Sweden.


The Instruments I'm Working on Now

11-string altoguitar

10-string guitar

Open bass alto guitar

The Open Bass Alto Guitar


The last couple of years i have thought about a new alto guitar construction with a more narrow neck like a classical guitar.

This will make the guitar lighter in weight. The neck and fingerboard cover the first eighth strings. The basses are open with no fingerboard. I think this lighter alto guitar will be more comfortable for some guitarist.

The scale is 570 mm and the basses are the same as on my earlier construction.


The bridge is placed near the center of the soundboard, to make this placement possible the neck is placed lower then the center line of the guitar. This will make the “open bass” alto guitar sound the same as my other alto guitars.

Check out my Workshop-gallery to see the pictures.