Multistring Guitars

Guitarmaker Heikki Rousu

Alto guitars made by guitar maker Heikki Rousu, Sweden.

7-String Guitar

The 7-string guitar is popular in Russia and Brazil.

The scale is 650 mm and the tuning is: e h g D A E H

Alternative tuning on the 7-string is: D C or A


8-String Guitar

The 8-string guitar is like a 6-string guitar with 2 extra bass strings.

The scale is 650 mm and the tuning is e h g D A E D A

10-String Guitar

The 10-string guitar, also known as the laudarra, was invented in 1960´s by Yepes in collaburation with the guitar maker Ramirez. The 10-string guitar makes it possible to play music written for baroque lute.

The scale is 650 mm and the tuning is: e h g D A E D C H A

Alternative tuning on the 4 bass string is: C A# G# F#

13-String Guitar

13-string dm guitar. Tuned like a baroque lute. The scale on this guitar is 640 mm on the 9 fingerboard strings.

The tuning is f d a F D A G F E C H A.

Alternative tuning like a regular gitar in e. This require a different set of strings.

Swan neck model.


The swan neck model can be made in dm-tuning with 13 strings.

10-11 strings in e-tuning or as a altoguitar.